What your child learns at summer camp that they don’t learn in kindergarten

March 20 2014

Every parent wishes their child to experience the best childhood possible and this involves offering the finest developmental opportunities available. Most parents have their child’s best interests at heart and typically start education and physical activities as early as possible, for the benefit of their child’s future success.

Sending your child to summer camp is an effective way to ensure that your child is able to develop properly and at the right time. While you may think that your child is getting everything that he or she needs at kindergarten, you could be misinformed.  

What else can your child learn at summer camp?

Summer camp is designed to provide a scheduled program for children who have difficulty focusing on academic learning, but summer camp also places a large focus on social interaction and physical activities and involvement. Each camp is usually themed and children are encouraged to get involved in the research, fun activities, and group tasks. Typically a summer camp will last around 10 weeks and is aimed at children from pre-school up to 12 years of age.

While information is taught and shared, you can expect your child to return home feeling accepted as part of a group, more confident and excited about learning and socializing with children of all ages. Many parents who have been struggling to get their child to apply themselves to their studies and school life have found that a summer camp is just what is needed to progress them on the right track.

Of course it is important to investigate which camps are able to offer the best facilities and it is a good idea to look over the curriculum or daily activities planned for your child. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, we offer summer camps with exclusive activities and exploratory lessons that will progress your child’s excitement for learning! Find out more.

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