Teaching Strategies GOLD® – our new assessment tool for preschoolers

August 18 2014

teaching-strategies-gold-assessment-tool Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies has recently decided to implement a new assessment tool for preschoolers called Teaching Strategies GOLD®. The alignment of this tool with our exclusive AdvancED™ accredited program is an essential best practice for projecting confidence in the assessment results across all of our Learning Academies.

Teaching Strategies GOLD® offers customizable, comprehensive reports that will benefit our decision-makers, teachers as well as the parents of children who are enrolled at a Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy. Not only does it include family communication tools, but it provides the ability to analyze the effectiveness of the Curriculum and the overall educational program.

What objectives does it measure?

Teaching Strategies GOLD® is grounded in 38 objectives that guide teachers throughout the assessment cycle. These objectives are based on research, include predictors of school success and are aligned with Common Core State Standards, which are early learning standards for each state. The objectives are organized into ten areas of development and learning, including broad developmental areas, content areas and also English language acquisition.

Why is this important for parents?

This unique assessment tool ensures your child’s development is aligned with early learning standards. The research-based, reliable assessment shows you how your child is developing and whether they are learning all the necessary skills to further their education. Each objective was selected in order to give teachers and parents the ability to answer the following two questions:

1)  Is this a key predictor of school success?

2)  Is this an outcome valued in most state early learning standards?

What is the research behind Teaching Strategies GOLD®?

Teaching Strategies GOLD® was created following extensive, literature based research reviews of some of the most recent works in the field of early childhood education: the Child Trends School Readiness Predictors Research (2006), the work of the National Early Literacy Panel (2009), the Pathways Mapping Initiative (2007) and many individual research studies describing predictors of school success. A recently released technical report based on this extensive research and conducted by The Center for Educational Measurement and Evaluation (CEME) concludes that the Teaching

Strategies GOLD assessment system is highly valid and reliable. “The Kids ‘R’ Kids International decision to commit to Teaching Strategies GOLD® as a corporate-wide assessment is noteworthy. The alignment of assessment to the Kids ‘R’ Kids exclusive Curriculum is an essential best practice for projecting confidence in the assessment results,” said a representative from AdvancED™.

Parents and teachers will now have the ability to measure student learning, growth and development in additional meaningful ways thanks to this new assessment tool. For more information about our Curriculum or Learning Academies, contact us today.

About Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies ®

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