St. Patrick's Day Preschooler Activities

March 16 2015

Parenting - Preschooler Activities:  Start a family tradition and make a Blarney Stone

St. Patrick's Day can have special meaning for you and your preschooler, even if you are not Irish. Working together on a special keepsake with your preschooler can create a bond and teach him or her about traditions at the same time.  Making a blarney stone can create an opportunity to stimulate your child's imagination and creativity to fulfill the Irish tradition that kissing the blarney stone will give them the "gift of gab."  Make a Blarney Stone together and get ready with the camera.


Here is whatyou need:

●      a smooth, clean rock

●      green, orange, and white watercolor paints

●      paintbrushes or sponges

●      different color markers

●      glue, fabric scraps, yarn, felt depending on the age of your child

How to make the stone:

1.     Have your child paint the rock with the colors of the Irish flag.

2.     Let the rock dry and then have your child decorate it with markers or put a face on it.

3.     Each of you can then give the Blarney Stone a kiss and gab about leprechauns, shamrocks, pots of gold, and all the fun that St. Patrick’s Day has to offer.

You can research the history of St. Patrick's Day and teach your child about Ireland. You can use legends to spark your child's imagination while using historical facts to teach. Find a colorful but simple map to show your child where Ireland is located. There are many books, music, games and activities that you can find online for other entertainment and teaching options related to St. Patrick's Day.

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