How Sports And Physical Activities Can Help Socialize Your Preschooler

August 04 2014

preschool-sport-and-physical-activites If you are considering enrolling your preschool child in a sport or allowing your child to participate in a physical activity, consider the fact that sports are an excellent way to socialize children, while allowing them to explore many interests. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, we understand that physical activities are not only beneficial because they provide an outlet for energy and build the body, but participation in sports also socializes children in important ways.

Why sports are beneficial to preschoolers

●      Participation in sports allows children opportunities to interact with peers.  Preschoolers are at a crucial age for learning how to interact and socialize with peers and sports activities allow more opportunities to do so.

●      Sports activities also allow opportunities to interact with adults such as coaches and officials.

●      Children can  learn important life skills such as teamwork and communication skills through sports. These skills will not only help in school, but throughout life.

●      Participating in sports helps build self-esteem and confidence. Receiving praise and support from parents and coaches can help children develop a sense of self-worth and teaches them how to accept healthy criticism.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, we have several age-appropriate physical activities for preschool children and we understand that learning continues outside the classroom. Games and activities, such as tag and martial arts, are beneficial for children in many ways, so encourage your child to become involved in sports or other physical activity.

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