How to introduce your preschooler to sports and physical activities

March 10 2014

Being a parent can be tough. You are expected to provide the very best for your child and ensure they are developing at a good pace, and it can all become a little overwhelming. Everyone needs a little help along the way and if you are struggling to get your preschooler actively involved in sports and physical activities, then rest assured that you are not alone.

Many parents struggle to get their child interested in sports, but if you have the right technique and approach, you can help your child. Keep in mind that toddlers have very limited motor skills at this stage and any sporting activity takes great attention and effort, which is something they may not manage well. That being said, the more encouragement you provide, the more willing your child will want to be involved, which helps with their early childhood development.

A great way to introduce your child to sports is to begin including them in ball games with other kids his or her age. If the activity is fun, your child will be interested in joining in.

Why are sports and physical activities important for children?

The main goal behind teaching preschool children sports and involving them in physical activities is to provide them with the opportunity to learn the following skills:

  • How to socially interact with others (one-on-one and in group situations)
  • How to share or be part of a process that includes more than one person
  • How to follow directions and instructions
  • Coordination skills
  • Large motor skills

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