Smarter children do not just happen. Child brain development begins with understanding what is going on inside your child's brain. This is why stimulation and activity are so important at home and at day care during the early preschool years.

Sensory experiences shape and grow your child’s brain. The first five years are the most important years in your child's brain development. Using the five senses to interact with the environment and people will improve your child's brain development, focus and learning.  Daily time and attention are the most precious gifts you can give your child. The best learning academies and daycare centers should follow through on that attention with guidance, love, empathy and understanding.



Below is a look at what happens inside your child's brain.


Your child’s brain is made up of different parts and each plays a role in the functioning of the body. These parts include the cerebrum, the cerebellum, the limbic system, and the brain stem.

1.     Cerebrum: This is the largest part of your child’s brain and the most important. It is divided into four sections, called lobes, and is also divided into right and left hemispheres. This part of the brain manages functions that include creativity, problem solving, behavior and intellect.

2.     Cerebellum: Called the little brain, this part of the brain controls body functions such as posture, balance and coordination.

3.     Limbic System:The limbic system contains glands that help your child manage emotions. Also, hormonal responses generate from this part of the brain.

4.     Brain Stem: Referred to as the simplest part of your child’s brain, the brain stem controls all basic life functions, such as the heartbeat, breathing and blood pressure.