Six back to school tips for parents of preschoolers

August 18 2014

6-back-to-school-tips If your child is getting ready to start preschool, we have compiled a list of six back-to-school tips to help make this exciting time a bit easier. It is natural for parents to feel apprehensive or nervous when their children start preschool, but being prepared can help reduce your stress.

Get back-to-school ready with your preschooler:

●      If your child’s usual bedtime routine has changed over the summer, get back into the routine as soon as possible. Children need to be well rested in order to maximize their learning potential. When children feel groggy or sleepy during the day, they are unable to focus and learn properly.

●      Bring a change of clothes to keep with the preschool teacher. Accidents happen, so it is best to be prepared and ensure a fresh change of clothes is at your child’s preschool at all times.

●      Plan your child’s lunches and snacks before the school week begins. This will save you from having to rush and to ensure you only include healthy food in the lunchbox.

●      Accept that your child might cry and be afraid or have separation anxiety. It is completely normal for some children to cry when their parents leave them at preschool for the first time.

●      If possible, get to know other preschool parents and set up several playdates for the children. This allows your child to meet some classmates and for you to meet fellow parents.

●      Prepare your child for reading by reading together as much as you can. Help your child to begin to be comfortable with letters, words and books.

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