Kids 'R' Kids Schools and Academies expand beyond the typical daycare and childcare services by providing the best possible learning environment in Snellville, GA for children 6 weeks - 12 years.

Daycare and Beyond | Kids 'R' Kids in Action

At Kids 'R' Kids we're redefining daycare in Snellville, GA. In fact, we prefer to be called a "School of Quality Learning" - because really, that's what we are. We go beyond the expectations of daycare in Snellville to provide the best in education for parents looking for preschools in Snellville, Georgia. Our curriculum is at the center of our success, and is written for us - and by us - for all of our daycare facilities and preschools. Our full staff of curriculum specialists craft lesson plans for all ages.

Many facilities that offer daycare in Snellville, GA certainly attest to the importance of education, which is of course paramount to success in preschools. However, at Kids 'R' Kids, we also believe that children need to be loved and nurtured before they embark on their journey of learning. We have an advantage over daycare in Snellville because we take the time to know your child, and to provide attention to each and every child enrolled in our preschools.

Reasons Your Child Will Love Kids 'R' Kids Preschools

Learning is a journey that you continue your entire life. While some parents feel a daycare environment is more like a playground, we strive to set ourselves apart from the expected. Our schools of quality learning combine education and fun, so that your child is surrounded by a world of wonder at every turn. We believe that preschools in Snellville, Georgia should foster learning, and make it an integral part to every child's day.

To help develop all aspects of your child's learning and growth, our preschools in Snellville are equipped with a variety of activities and features.

  • Block & Building Design - Architecture, vocabulary and cooperation
  • Dramatic Play - Social skills, self-confidence, and respect
  • Library & Literature - Listening skills, word recognition and oral language skills
  • Writing Exploration - Eye hand coordination, name recognition and self-expression
  • Math & Table Activities - Classification, problem solving and sequencing
  • Science & Discovery - Experimentation, exploration and prediction
  • Sensory - fine motor skills, measuring, and creativity
  • Music & Movement - Listening, teamwork and patterning

Learn more about what makes Kids 'R' Kids better than your average daycare in Snellville, GA.

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We are very proud of the unique facilities, programs and staff at every Kids 'R' Kids School of Quality Learning. Drop by for a tour at the location nearest you in Snellville, GA and discover our many advantages and how our developmental programs exceed typical childcare services in your area.

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