Kids 'R' Kids Schools and Academies provide the ideal Summer Camp Program for children from preschool though twelve years in GIBSONTON, FL.

If your child could design a perfect summer, it would probably include plenty of friends, new things to do every day, and exciting challenges.

That is exactly what you will find at Kids 'R' Kids Summer Camp. Don't be surprised if you go to pick up your children from Kids 'R' Kids and they prefer to stick around and enjoy their friends and activities.

Not only will kids enjoy plenty of fresh air and the outdoors, but they also learn valuable skills they will remember forever. The best part is the kids learn these skills without realizing they are actually learning with our exclusive Kids 'R' Kids Summer Camp Curriculum and unique theme, "Camp Tremendous Time Travelers."

Our GIBSONTON Summer Camp offers benefits that a child would not receive elsewhere. The memories, skills, friendships, and confidence gained will stay with children for the rest of their lives. Our facilities are built to educate and entertain, allowing the school-age child to experience an environment beyond the typical childcare or daycare experience. We specifically plan field trips, child-directed activities, and special group activities to continually enrich your child.

Our Summer Camp in GIBSONTON, FL helps children grow by providing a supervised, positive environment that has safety as a primary commitment. With such a wide range of activities, children receive a variety of benefits. Socialization, communication, and leadership are just some of the skills they will learn.

Drop in for a tour, and learn more about GIBSONTON Summer Camp Curriculum and Programs and how our developmental programs exceed typical childcare services. Learn more about additional Kids 'R' Kids locations.

13151 Kings Lake Drive, Gibsonton FL, 33534
(813) 672-0400
*Each center is individually owned and operated. Facilities, programming, rates, childcare availability, job opportunities, benefits, volunteer opportunities and security measures may vary.
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We are very proud of the unique facilities, programs and staff at every Kids 'R' Kids School of Quality Learning. Drop by for a tour at the location nearest you in Gibsonton, FL and discover our many advantages and how our developmental programs exceed typical childcare services in your area.

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