School Holidays

Quite often, parents find themselves at a loss when school holidays and breaks don’t coincide with their own busy schedules. Unlike some other childcare providers or daycare centers, Kids ‘R’ Kids has an educational program along with flexible and fun options for busy families!

We’re open during all major school breaks and school holidays and provide a secure place for your child to relax and be a kid. Our facilities are built to educate and entertain, making time away from school a joy. We specifically plan field trips, child-directed activities, and special group play to continually enrich and entertain your child.

Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, Summer Break and Special School Holidays - every break is covered! And, as always, all children are welcome in our loving and kid-friendly environment.

Learn more about Kids ‘R’ Kids with our School Age Video Tour or by connecting with a local school near you.

Our Learning Academies are closed for all Federal Holidays.

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