Safety first! How to find a child care center you can trust

June 17 2013

Picking a child care center is difficult for many reasons, but mostly because we worry about the safety of our children when they are out of our sight and in the hands of others. We want to be completely confident in the knowledge that our child is safe, and the only way to do that is to strictly evaluate the centers in our local community.

  1. Cleanliness.Safety isn’t just about childproofing, it’s about keeping them in good health. While the first impression we get of a center is of eye-catching colors and piles of toys, we need to look beneath that and see if everything is as clean as it should be. Toys should be disinfected and cleaned throughout the day and the rooms should be dirt-free. There should be no odors of dampness or mold. Snacks and other food should be prepared in a spotless kitchen and using quality ingredients. The staff should be trained in dealing with possible health infections and preventing them from spreading to other children. The center should also be helpingchildren to learn self-help skills, by teaching them to wash their hands, giving them good habits for the future.
  2. Security. When you leave your child at a child care center, you need to know they are protected from harm from the outside world. From hiring staff that have passed security and background checks to security coded entrances and camera surveillance, the child care you choose should provide the latest in expert security systems to keep your child safe. This isn’t just to keep the wrong people away from your children, it’s to make sure that every child receives the right amount of attention and care from the right people in a secure environment.
  3. Safety features: From making sure that food is kept fresh and clean to tempered glass walls that allow for maximum supervision, you want your child care center to have a plan for every possible scenario. By making the environment safer and healthier, children and staff alike can relax in a calm environment and concentrate on having fun, learning new skills and making friends.

At Kids R Kids, we offer the Brain Waves Curriculumwhich exposes children to safe, secure and educational environments. The classes and playrooms are filled with materials that encourage children’s curiosity through sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.

Kids R Kids is a child care center that meets all this criteria and more. To learn more about us, contact us today!

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