Preschool is the best stepping-stone to kindergarten: Here’s why

October 04 2013

Preschool is not only the best, but is also the most necessary stepping-stone to kindergarten or elementary school. The benefits cannot be underestimated - and if you skip this vital phase in your child’s development, chances are good that he or she will have great difficulties throughout his or her school career and later in life.

But what exactly are the benefits that a child gains from going to preschool? Well, here are just a few of many:

  1. Your child will learn how to cope in big groups of children of his or her own age. This is important. A child needs to be confident but not overbearing when they find themselves in a large group of peers, otherwise they will struggle to make friends because of low self-esteem, and will struggle to focus on anything apart from their social standing.
  2. Your child will have a good grasp of language and an adequate vocabulary. If you send your child to a good preschool, he or she will be able to communicate effectively by the time he or she reaches kindergarten, ensuring that he or she doesn’t fall behind because of an inadequate grasp of language.  
  3. Your child will have the ability to make decisions and solve problems.A good preschool like Kids ‘R’ Kids (with our Brian Waves Curriculum) will make certain that these necessary skills, which aid a child in thinking creatively and independently and finding answers to questions are adequately developed.   
  4. Your child will have pre-literary skills. This means that he or she will have a basic understanding of the structure of stories, because he or she was exposed to a lot of appropriate literature during preschool and will therefore find it easier to learn how to read.

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