Preschool: where fun, friends and games meet great education!

May 09 2013

At Kids ‘R’ Kids we understand that preschoolers learn through playing and that’s why Kids ‘R’ Kids Preschools are using a unique FAST TRACK CURRICULUM™.

With our driven, play-based program we guarantee that kids receive only the best preschool education. Through a series of fun-filled games and activities we put them on the fast track to developing literacy and cognitive skills, while making friends and having great time. We make sure they are engaged in plenty of hands-on, multi-sensory activities that were specifically designed to advance their learning, and our carefully constructed schedules balance out active activities with quiet ones.

Here are a few more reasons why Kids ‘R’ Kids Preschools are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill preschool:

  1. High quality teachers.We only hire the best teachers and before we do we make sure that they have all the necessary qualifications. We guarantee that our staff can be trusted when it comes to your child’s well-being and development.
  2. All subjects are covered.Our Fast Track Curriculum™ ensures that our preschoolers get a head start in all subjects. Through a series of fun-filled games and activities we introduce them to the wonders of language, art, science and maths. We also cover social studies, health and physical education.
  3. Group activities and individual activities. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Preschools your childdoes not onlyparticipate in whole-group, teacher-directed, skills-building learning experiences, but is also encouraged to further define those skills during independent, child-led learning station activities.  
  4. We make kids feel welcome. We believe that kids should be greeted and hugged before being taught. This way they feel welcome and are more open to what we want to teach them.

Our preschools are not your average preschool, because we believe that kids deserve nothing less than the best. Enrol your little one in a Kids ‘R’ Kids Preschool to ensure that they are where fun, friends and games meet great education.

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