How to prepare your child for preschool

October 01 2013

If you want to know how to best prepare your child for preschool, you have to understand how the human mind works. Parents often make the mistake of thinking that a child’s brain can only really start absorbing useful skills and information shortly before they start school or, at the earliest, preschool. It’s important to remember that the development of the human brain begins within the first 5 years of life. If a child isn’t learning while using a well thought out curriculum during his or her first years before entering preschool, chances are that he or she will have difficulty catching up with his or her classmates in elementary school.

But what exactly should you be focusing on and how do you ensure that the necessary skills are developed effectively? Well, the most important focuses, apart from language and physical development, are cognitive thinking and social-emotional behavior. Cognitive thinking abilities are stimulated by exposing your child to activities that are designed to help him or her to understand the relationship between cause and effect. Your child should also learn how to employ questioning to gain understanding as well as participate in activities that require him or her to solve problems. Social-emotional behavior, on the other hand, is best stimulated by placing your child in an environment where he or she is surrounded by children of his or her own age.

When it comes to language development, it is also a good idea to expose your child to as many forms of language as possible and to ensure that he or she becomes acquainted with as much age appropriate literature as possible.

This may seem like a mammoth task - and that’s why it’s probably a good idea to send your infant or toddler to a learning facility like Kids ‘R’ Kids where the exclusive Brain Waves curriculum will ensure that the developmental needs of your child are met. 

So, contact us today and ensure your child is properly prepared for preschool.

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