Nutrition and learning at your child’s preschool:

May 19 2014

A good diet is particularly important for preschool-aged children, as early food experiences will have a lasting impact on eating habits and patterns. Young children especially need energy in the form of calories, as well as nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins, which help ensure their bodies work and grow properly. 

A child has different nutritional needs from an adult, and as their bodies continue to develop and grow their needs change.

How your child’s preschool incorporates fun eating activities:

Food and eating can provide many wonderful opportunities for learning. With activities such as helping to prepare their own meals, children will learn about the importance of the food they eat and will help set good habits for the future. 

Here is why preschools pay particular attention to correct nutrition for children throughout the day: 

●      Good nutrition promotes proper physical development and growth

●      It helps to improve learning, concentration and behavior

●      It builds up a child’s strength

●      It provides the energy an active child needs

●      And it promotes resistance to infections, while establishing healthy eating patterns and habits for a lifetime

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy, your child will be served a variety of healthy and nutritionally balanced meals and snacks prepared by our on-site chef. We also offer an AdvancED Accredited Preschool Program, which ensures every child receives the best possible foundation for elementary school. Our child-directed and teacher-supported educational activities are standards driven and will address the child as a whole by promoting hands-on involvement and developmentally appropriate practices.

Your child will also build character development through social-emotional activities and expand on their vocabulary and literacy skills through small group instruction. To learn more about our celebrated preschool program and to find out how your child can benefit, contact Kids ‘R’ Kids to set up a site visit at your nearest Learning Academy today.

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