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The Speed of Life

“It goes by so fast.” Without a doubt, the advice most often heard by any new mom is to take a minute and enjoy the infancy phase because it goes by too fast; to be honest, I grew tired of hearing it. I questioned how I could do anything BUT enjoy my little man. Don’t get me wrong – I valued and looked forward to receiving the pearls of wisdom from those who had been there, and done that, but this little gem didn’t sit well with me. After Micah was born, I was happy with the speed of our life. He was growing up and learning new things, but he didn’t seem to be in a rush as he did that, and therefore, neither did I.  Our family of three was perfectly content.

When Micah was nine months old, I lamented how he had been alive for almost as long as I had been pregnant.  I felt so lucky that the time hadn’t sped by - that it didn’t “fly” like everyone had warned.  All those other parents were surely wrong.  Maybe they just forgot to enjoy what they had in the moment.   I couldn’t even remember what life had been like before he came along.  But, yes, time was traveling at precisely the right speed.

And then overnight, the speed of life changed.  My baby was about to turn one.  Where had time gone? During Micah’s tenth month, I was painstakingly aware of how close his first birthday was.  My baby was no longer new.  He was beginning to look big next to younger infants.  His “new car smell” was almost completely gone.  Why hadn’t I listened to all those parents to cherish every single moment of his life?  How much time did I spend satisfied only to have it stolen before my very eyes?  I wondered if I, too, had taken for granted the precious moments of a newborn baby.

I asked myself, “How did I let this happen? Why didn’t I heed the warnings?” For a brief second, I might have felt angry and a little sad.  But then it occurred to me that I was approaching a very important milestone. I had almost been a mommy for almost an entire year.  I was almost an experienced mother myself.   All those new babies in Micah’s classroom belonged to mommies who needed advice.  I looked forward to passing on the wisdom that had been gracefully handed down to me.  I didn’t waste another moment worrying about what I had lost.  Instead, I began to embrace what I had gained - insight that can only come through loving a baby and watching him grow, insight that only a mommy could have.

Now, I am more open to listening to the clichéd advice of other moms.  I am a card-carrying member of the Mommy Club, and I take my responsibilities seriously.  I promise to share every bit of mom-knowledge I have gained.  So you should listen to me when I tell you not to blink.  When I tell you that infancy goes by too fast, you should believe me. But I know that you won’t. Trying to defy the odds is par for the course.  You’re on your way, Mommy!