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Snowed In

Hubby and I had spent a great deal of time orchestrating my return to work and Micah’s first day at his new child care center.  I was scheduled to return a bit earlier than he would start at Kids ‘R’ Kids. It was important to us that we waited until he was stronger with a more developed immune system. In order to keep Micah home for a few more weeks, we needed to call in reinforcements.  Enter Grammy and Grampa.  My parents graciously took time off work to watch their grand baby during my first week back at work.  Hubby and I had arranged to take our own vacation time in the following weeks until Micah was ready to leave home.

The weekend before the end of my maternity leave, my parents drove in from out of town.  They spent the weekend hovering over the baby as I prepared to enter the real world again.  I got my hair and nails done, went shopping for new clothes, and even bought new make-up.  Like the first day of school after summer, I was actually feeling excited to be reunited with my peers!  While I was distracted with planning, the rest of the adults were glued to the local news.  Apparently, there was an impending snowstorm.  I live in the South, and snowstorms usually don’t amount to anything.  I didn’t pay much attention.

I packed my lunch, prepared bottles, and laid out my clothes for morning.  I fed Micah and put him to bed and decided to take a shower to relax.  In the time it took me to shower and get dressed, several inches of snow had already fallen, and the temperatures were steadily dropping.  The news was reporting ice forming on all the major roads.  I remember thinking I might get to spend an extra hour or two snuggling my little guy, but I’ll be sitting at my desk by midmorning after the roads have cleared.  I went to bed feeling ambivalent about the next day.

Monday morning, I woke to the news that my office was closed.  The roads were too dangerous, and the entire metropolitan area was shut down.  Temperatures weren’t expected to rise above freezing; therefore, it was unlikely that the ice would melt anytime soon.  Hubby, baby, and I spent the morning watching the news in our pajamas while my parents cooked breakfast.  I felt grateful for the extra time and spent the day with Micah and my family.  That evening, I went through the routine of getting ready for work the next day.  Again, I woke on Tuesday with the same news—office closed, roads icy. We live in a large metropolitan area that rarely sees a major storm.  As a result, the city is largely unprepared when winter weather arrives, and hazardous conditions persist until the sun can melt the ice away. Wednesday morning – still icy.  Thursday – still freezing.  Friday – no changes here!  Each evening, I prepared for the next day, and each morning, I woke to find the roads had not been cleared and driving conditions were hazardous.  What a great way to spend my first week back at work!

In the end, hubby and I had to rearrange some of our plans.  My parents were a little disappointed they had to share the baby with Mommy, but overall, it was the best way to end my maternity leave. Thanks, Mother Nature!