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Here Comes Baby

Like all new moms, I couldn’t take my eyes off my brand new baby. Those eyes! Those lips! Those itty bitty toes! How would I ever find anything else interesting? The whole “sleep when they sleep” thing was lost on me, as I couldn’t stop staring at him or calling someone up to talk about him. The best part of staying in the hospital was having my baby all bundled up courtesy of the expert swaddle team, aka the nurses. With his double swaddle (seriously, those nurses are swaddle goddesses!!!) he was more than ready for our marathon cuddle sessions. There was nothing more important than holding Micah in my arms and taking him in. Sleeping? Eating? Showering? That could all wait.

I was completely unprepared for the whirlwind of emotions I would feel those first days. The relief of labor behind me, extreme elation of his arrival, and the frenzy of fears that accompanied parenthood; pepper in sleep deprivation and waning hormonal activity and you have yourself a perfect storm! I would love to say how utterly amazing it was, but there were less than amazing moments. For nine months you build the vision of baby’s arrival, and when reality doesn’t match the fantasy it can be disheartening. I spent a great deal of time being angry at my obstetrician for delivering via cesarean. Preeclampsia or not, I was going to have my baby naturally—or so I thought! Want to know what happens when you tell a breastfeeding mommy that her baby had a formula bottle in the nursery? I can’t remember the name of the nurse who told me, but I will never forget the look on her face when I (over)reacted to the news. Just like the pain of labor that mothers can never remember, those initial disappointments fade away and become funny anecdotes.

There’s a reason why newborns take a few days to “wake-up.” It gives new parents the opportunity to soak in the experience and recover from labor and transition into being a parent.  During our first moments as a family of three, there were two sentiments that we repeated over and over.  I would exclaim, “We made that!” as hubby declared, “He’s so precious.”  Like a tic, my husband and I couldn’t help ourselves, the words just spilled out of our mouths! This precious little being was ours. We made him, how cool is that?