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He's On The Move

The theory that “opposites attract” is one that can be directly applied to my relationship with Hubby. He is calm, cool and collected at all times.  I, on the other hand, am none of those things.  I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m a “drama queen” but laid back isn’t a term that is often used to describe me. I think our differences have helped us maintain a balanced view on life as partners and now as parents.  As Micah’s little personality began to emerge, he exhibited signs of Daddy’s personality. He was a smiley little guy who was content at most times – a happy boy who rarely expressed anything other than joy.  Who could find anything wrong with that? Well…a not-so-laid back Mommy can.

I was very anxious for Micah to begin crawling. I saw babies younger than him beginning to crawl and wondered why he wasn’t.  I had read in several books and articles that you could motivate a baby to crawl by placing desirable toys and objects just out of reach.  Here’s the problem, if you can call it that; Micah was a laid-back baby.  He had no sense of urgency.  If he was playing with a toy and we took it away, he would just move on to the next toy within reach. No toy available? Mr. Mellow would play with the carpet in front of him. I couldn’t relate and quite frankly thought there might be something wrong with him.  He was just so darn satisfied all the time.  Was this normal? Aren’t babies supposed to fuss?

This is when having a non-reactive husband came in handy.  He repeatedly reminded me that Micah was just taking his time and I should relax.  It was the relaxing that I was struggling with.  As Micah learned how to rock on his knees, I sat there with my camera, just in case today was the day.  I have scores of video from the weeks leading up to his first crawl.  In most of them, Micah is looking up at me with his big smile, probably wondering what I am doing.  I’m sure there were times when he wished I was on the floor playing with him instead of hovering with a camera, but he never expressed his discontent. It might have seemed like forever to me, but Micah began to crawl within a perfectly reasonable time frame.  As I was cooking dinner one night, I looked over and spied him propelling himself forward on his hands and knees! He saw me approach and looked up at me with his ear-to-ear grin that I had grown to love so much.   The smile was contagious because soon I was wearing the same grin.

In the following weeks, Hubby and I watched Micah practice his new skill.  We noticed a change in his personality.  While still easygoing, there was an excitability that began to present itself.  Many observers commented on his speed and gusto as he charged across a room.  I wouldn’t call it wild or high-strung, but there was now a spirited nature to his behavior. Finally, a behavior I could relate to!  I hope as he grows, he continues to display traits of both his father and me. It’s a balance that has worked for us for many years, and I hope we can pass on the best of both of us.