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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

“Wow, check out that head of hair”. From the day Micah was born, we were met with tons of comments on his beautiful head of hair. When we were first introduced, he was donning the pink and blue hospital cap to keep his itty-bitty self warm.  Later that night while readjusting his cap, I was startled to see that not only did he have a thick head of hair, but also it was jet black and perfectly straight.  “Are you sure this is my child?” Neither his Daddy nor I share similar attributes to what Micah was sporting on top. 

We had spent many-a-day fantasizing about what our baby would look like; and while there was no predicting whose nose or eyes or even mouth he would have, there was one thing we were sure of – our boy was going to have curls - crazy ones at that, just like Mommy and Daddy.  Like most assumptions we had made pre-baby, we were wrong!  Our boy could have been the poster child for luxury spa shampoo because his hair was soft and silky and oh so shiny, nary a curl in sight.  In a grass-is-always-greener kind of way, during my teen years I yearned for straight hair, and I finally got it—even if it wasn’t mine!  I would run my fingers through his tresses for hours at a time, an act that proved to be comforting and relaxing for both of us. He would fall asleep, and I would drift off into the nether regions of my mind. 

 Micah began to shed his baby hair and when the new hair came in, it was brown.  And curly.  And everything we had pictured it would be from the start! It may have taken months and months, but we finally got the moppy-top little baby we had always imagined.  Having grown up with curly hair, I know how unruly it can become, and I knew what we had in store for us as far as maintenance. Hubby and I agreed we would let him run around with unkempt hair for as long as it was deemed cute.  So we let it grow and grow and grow until he began sporting what can best be described as crazy-clown curls.  It was so not cute!

When the day came, we took him to a children’s specialty salon. Micah had just begun walking and squirmed out of my arms to check out this wonderland of sights and sounds.  There were large cartoon characters and flashing lights and huge screens playing animated music videos with kid-friendly tunes. We were handed a price menu and chose the Baby’s First Cut package. The stylist hoisted him up to sit on a colorful seat and fastened a teeny-tiny dressing gown around him. I was worried the scissors would freak him out, but he barely noticed them and had his eyes affixed to the television screen positioned in front of him. This was the first time he had ever truly *watched* something on TV.  He wasn’t sure what to make of it.  I was silently freaking out, worried that this experience would turn him into a couch potato for life.  I thought I would be rude (and slightly crazy) to ask them to turn it off.  I took a deep breath and decided to focus on my handsome little man.  There is growth in motherhood! But I digress…

We walked out of there with a certificate bearing a snippet of his hair and a boy who used to look like a baby.  Once again, my expectations were a little skewed, but I decided to brush it off. I won’t blabber on and on about how hubby and I had differing opinions on the end result.  None of that matters.  It’s just hair; it will grow again. I’m hoping my growth as a mother continues at that same pace!