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Getting Ready for Baby's Arrival

There are many questions that a pregnant woman is asked repeatedly while expecting.  When are you due?  Is it a boy or a girl? Do you have a name picked out? Have you begun decorating the nursery?  When you’re sporting a bump you’re expected to share even the most intimate details of your gestation. Early on, I armed myself with the “canned answers” to provide when the baby-related questions came up. After a while, I didn’t mind when the pizza delivery guy asked me if I was expecting twins (nope!) or when my best friend’s grandmother wanted to know the details of my birthing plan.

Inquiring minds really want to know what a woman will do when she becomes a mommy. Almost daily I was asked whether I was going to stay at home with the baby. I disliked this question the most.  I always felt like the assumption or expectation would be for me to stay home with my little one. Even before I met him, I just knew I would never want to leave him. Telling the cashier at the grocery store that I would be placing him in childcare didn’t make me feel good.  

I researched various options for the care of my child, and ultimately decided that group care was the best option. With that decision came a whole barrage of questions for other people.  It seems that I wasn’t the only one with “canned answers.” Day care workers had their own prepared answers for popular questions and most of them seemed insincere. During tours I would watch as caregivers sat in a chair and watched babies play at their feet. I was assured that my guy would be loved and nurtured, but saw little more than diapering and feeding.  I was becoming increasingly frustrated with each day care center I visited. I was convinced that I would never find a place good enough for my baby and began to rethink my decision to return to work.

 And then I walked into my local Kids ‘R’ Kids. And they asked all the right questions. The director wanted to know how I felt about returning to work and what they would need to know to help ME transition. I was brought into the nursery and was thrilled to see 3 teachers interacting on the floor with babies. There was music, laughter and lots of baby smiles.  When you’re shopping for a new home or a wedding dress you often hear “you’ll know when you find the right one,” and that day I just knew.  That’s the day I became a working mom.  I wasn’t looking forward to leaving my little one, but I knew that he would be safe and that all my questions would be answered.