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Breastfeeding, Bottle, Pump?

Like all new moms, I was faced with the choice of formula or breastfeeding. The decision to breastfeed was an easy one for me. I had read all the current research and decided it was something I wanted to do. I couldn’t deny my little one the long-term health benefits linked to breastfed babies. While we were recovering in the hospital, there were lactation consultants hovering over me day and night practically begging to provide their services. My over-confident self thought “I got this, it’s sooo simple,” as I shooed them away so I could spend more time smiling at my newborn. I thought we would figure it out.

Any women who has birthed a baby in the past 10 years can probably relate. With the resurgence of breastfeeding mamas, hospitals have put a lot of resources into supporting nursing moms. The baby factory where I delivered Micah prides themselves on their award winning lactation program. This means that every time you look up someone is asking you to disrobe and demonstrate your nursing technique. Lucky for me, I passed and was able to get a few minutes of shut-eye in between feedings.

When we got home and lost the free access to overbearing lactation consultants, I began to question everything. All of a sudden every position I held him in felt awkward. He seemed fussier and I worried that he wasn’t eating enough. I was worried that I wasn’t doing it right. The internet became my stand-in consultant. I was amazed at how much information and support was readily available at my fingertips. I found a couple wonderful websites that helped allay my fears and perfect my technique.

 I committed to breastfeeding for one year. I was going to do everything I could to make it to his first birthday. My plan was to send Micah to Kids ‘R’ Kids each day with bottles of breast milk. After a while, we seemed to have found a rhythm and I was feeling great about my decision. Everything was going well and then I met my arch enemy—the breast pump. More on that later.