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Big Changes-Part 2

Choosing which preschool to send my son to was one of the biggest decisions I have ever made. Having to do it twice in one year was quite a feat!  The first time around, I was pregnant and searching for a place for my un-born child.  I hadn’t yet met my little guy and only had my fantasy version of motherhood to base my decision.  Things were different now.  Micah had a name and a face and a mom who was a little less than overbearing! 

In the 6 months that he spent at his first Kids ‘R’ Kids, Micah had grown attached to his teachers, and I know the attachment was reciprocal.  The day I told them we were leaving, there was more than one tear shed.  Knowing that we were going to have to build new relationships was hard for me.  I’m not a fan of my baby being passed around the table at a party, and I wasn’t fond of Micah having to get used to all new people.  I wanted his world to be small and cozy and full of familiar faces.  As I researched the Kids ‘R’ Kids locations that were near my new home and job, I was hoping I could find something equal to what we had grown accustomed to.

For the second time in less than one year, I found myself touring preschool facilities.  I entered the school armed with an exhaustive list of questions in my pocket and my baby on my hip.  We met with the owner who had recently purchased the school.  She was enthusiastic and passionate and all too happy to show off her school.  I was blown away by the amount of time she spent with us touring the school and answering my questions.  We arrived at the Older Infant Room, which they called the “Crawlers Suite.”  The teachers introduced themselves and asked me if Micah had any stranger anxiety.  Fortunately the answer was “no,” but I asked if he seemed anxious.  The teacher explained that babies his age sometimes feel what she called “stranger danger,” and she didn’t want to reach out for him if he had experienced this.  I was more than a little impressed with her knowledge of development and thoughtfulness.   She reached out her arms, and Micah went to her without hesitation.  She spoke to him softly, and he seemed comfortable. She asked my permission to put him on the floor to play.

Micah looked around and began to take in the new sights and sounds.  Two other babies crawled over to check him out.  They all began frantically waving at each other while smiling.  I chatted with the teachers for a while as he played.  They told me about their daily schedule, which included sign language, art, and story time.  My little man seemed comfortable in his new (but familiar-looking!) surroundings.  After a while, he rolled over to where I was standing and looked up at me.  I bent down to pick him up, and he fussed at me. That’s when I realized he was reaching for the teacher.  His teacher.   She happily scooped him up, and they made flirty faces at each other while I excused myself to fill out registration forms.  I walked out, excited for Micah to begin this new chapter in his life.  I reached in my pocket to call Hubby and realized I didn’t ask any of the questions I had worked so hard at compiling.  I didn’t need to.  Just as last time, you know when you’ve found the right place for your child.  Thankfully, the second time felt just as right as the first.