New Mom: Making the best choice for infant or toddler care


When it is time to go back to work after having your baby or even when your infant has become a toddler, entrusting the care of your child to someone outside of your immediate family is the most difficult decision you can make. This is especially important because at no other stage of your child's life does learning occur so rapidly.

How should you choose an infant care, toddler care or early childhood learning center for your infant or toddler?

Your child will spend many hours during these formative years with caregivers or teaching staff when enrolled in a child care center. Consequently, you should choose a child care center that is aligned with your values and goals.


1.     Is the location easy to access?You may need to consider traffic, driving routes and balancing your family’s schedule with work or other engagements. Does the facility have hours of operation that fit the needs of your busy schedule?

2.     Does the facility accommodate other age groups?If you have more than one child, the convenience of picking up both children at the same place can offer you more quality time at home with less stress. 

3.     What is the child care provider’s philosophy?Does the provider believe that children learn best when they feel safe and secure? What special features does the center contain that would reinforce this feeling? How does the provider deal with child illness and behavior? What records does the provider keep to be sure that you are always informed?

4.     Are you able to check on your child?Are the classrooms and interactive play areas equipped with an internet viewing system that allows you to monitor your child remotely through a secure connection?

5.     Is it simply a daycare facility? Does the center have an accredited infant or child care program with curriculum that is specifically written to allow caregivers to provide each child with individual attention and care? Infants should be immersed in a curriculum that invites and promotes multiple opportunities for motor and sensory activities. This will promote cognitive skill development at a faster pace. Does the center have planned activities that invite your child to interact with the environment and to demonstrate eagerness, curiosity, persistence, and problem-solving?


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