How to tell if your child is ready for preschool

July 14 2014

is-your-child-ready-for-preschool Are you considering enrolling your child in preschool but are not sure if she is ready? We have compiled a few tips that should help you understand if it is the right time or not. We know the decision to enroll your child in preschool is an important one, and we are available to answer any questions you may have.

The average age for a child to begin preschool is two and a half years, but that does not mean all children will be ready to begin at this age. If you do not think your child is ready, it certainly will not hurt to wait a bit longer before she begins preschool.

Important factors for preschool readiness:

●      Has your child spent time away from you? Whether it is with a babysitter, a relative, or a friend, a child who has spent time away from his parents is generally better prepared to start preschool than one who has not. Have her stay a weekend with her grandparents or some friends and see how she manages.

●      Independence: Your child should have a certain level of independence. Here are some of the important tasks that she should have accomplished before entering preschool: be potty trained, be able to eat without any help, be able to sleep alone and know how to wash her hands.

●      Working alone: Preschool generally involves arts and crafts, games, puzzles and similar things, so if your child is easily engrossed in a puzzle or a coloring book, this is an indication that she may be ready for preschool.

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