Informed Parents

Michelle Obama partners with Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures

Time after time, First Ladies of the United States choose to champion causes that impact the well being of our communities. In their roles, they are able to bring national attention to issues such as environmental protection, mental health and literacy. We are excited that our current First Lady Michelle Obama has chosen to address nutrition and childhood obesity in her Let's Move! Campaign.

Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama partnered with Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures to expand her campaign and include young children. Let's Move! Child Care is a national agenda to fight child hood obesity through healthy habits and physical fitness in the early care and education program. The campaign has identified five key areas: physical activity, food served, beverages served, infant feeding, and screen time. The collaborative team has created a recommended checklist to assess and evaluate the systems in place to provide a healthy and fit atmosphere for young children.

We are excited that Kids 'R' Kids has shared its voice as a provider to the campaign team creating this initiative. We are proud to partner with the First Lady and Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures on this campaign. Currently our programs are in alignment to support healthy lifestyles in the classroom. In our program, we offer limited and commercial-free television viewing, a variety of indoor and outdoor gross motor play, access to drinking water throughout the day, serve fruits and vegetables daily in family style dining. For our infants, we provide parents with the opportunity to develop an individualized feeding plan in order to meet their needs. Of the 10 recommendations provided in the Let's Move! Child Care campaign, Kids 'R' Kids programs meet 8 of them and working to including the others.

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