Give your child the best start in life with the Brain Waves curriculum from Kids ‘R’ Kids!

July 22 2013

As a parent, you know how important early learning is for your child and that’s why you need to know about the Brain Waves curriculum. This innovative program is specifically designed to safely enhance your child’s learning experience and abilities, helping them to start developing skills and behaviors that will help them to succeed in life.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Supporting occipital lobe development: This is where your child processes what he/she sees and identifies shapes, colors and the relationships between objects. These neurons begin to form in the first few months of your child’s life, so the earlier we start to work with the child, the better their visual processing will be. Your child will be able to safely and comfortably explore the world around them through supervised and specifically directed play.
  2. Supporting frontal lobe development: Here is where your child will learn about problem solving and reasoning – skills that will prove essential to future success. This lobe is also responsible for motor development and impulse control. Through supervised, targeted activities, your child’s development will be supported and nurtured to bring out their best.
  3. Supporting parietal lobe development: This part of your child’s brain is all about spatial recognition and sensory processing and is vital for processing all information that is related to touch and perception. With the help of safe, fun, targeted activities, your child will gain a greater understanding of the world they live in.
  4. Supporting temporal lobe development: Here, your child processes auditory stimulus and develop memory, two aspects that are vital to learning and functioning successfully in the world. Experienced child-care experts will ensure that your child gets the right stimulus to develop the language skills and abilities in a fun, safe environment.

Science has proven that early stimuli and interactions are a powerful influence on developing your child’s potential – and because of this, Kids ‘R’ Kids has embraced the Brain Waves curriculum as the best way to nurture children and give them a balanced, healthy start to life.

To find out more about the Brain Waves curriculum and how it can give your child the tools they need to develop their potential, contact Kids ‘R’ Kids today.

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