Five benefits that your child receives from a leading preschool education

July 21 2014

five-benefits-of-leading-preschool-education Choosing a preschool for a child is a decision every parent takes seriously. Children around preschool age are at a critical point in their development: socially, emotionally,  intellectually and also physically. Therefore, you want them to be in an environment that fosters their development and stimulates their senses.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, we are proud to offer a caring and nurturing environment for preschoolers, and we know that you and your child will love our exclusive Curriculum.

A leading preschool can be beneficial for children:

●      Leading preschools provide an accelerated foundation for elementary school. If you want to ensure your child is ready for the next step in his education, our Learning Academies may be an ideal choice for him.

●      Your child is allowed to explore his interests freely. Rather than strictly structured learning with no opportunities for fun and play, we believe in giving your child space to explore activities that he enjoys.

●      Your child will develop decision making and problem solving skills. Preschool children are at a good age for developing these important skills.

●      Your child will be exposed to all the basic subjects, such as reading, writing and math, but also to science, art and music to encourage creativity and imagination.

●      Children will develop their emotional and social skills. Learning and growing do not just involve classroom learning. Emotional and social skills are critical to preschool aged children and can be developed in preschool.

●      Small group interaction. Children will receive more attention from instructors when they are in a small group learning setting.

For more information about Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, or if you have any questions, contact us today or visit one of our Academies. Discover why our preschools are the best choice for your child.

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