The exclusive Brain Waves Curriculum is available at Kids ’R’ Kids Academies

June 24 2013

Did you know that Kids ’R’ Kids has implemented the exclusive Brain Waves Curriculumat their learning academies? As a parent, you know how critical the first five years of your child’s life is. During these years, your child’s brain is developing rapidly and brain cells are forming the essential connections for learning and future success in school. Make sure you’re investing in their education when it matters most by enrolling your child in a learning academy that offers the Brain Waves Curriculum.

How learning and development occurs during age 1 – 5

The experiences and interactions that your child is exposed to during the first five years of life will determine which brain cells are activated and which ones are neglected from lack of stimulation. The Brain Wavesstrategies that Kids ’R’ Kids employs have been designed to support neural pathways for the following types of development:

  • Language
  • Social-emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Physical development

Our learning academies and staff members have been equipped to facilitate the best type of learning in a safe, stimulating and secure environment. The classrooms are filled with materials that encourage children’s curiosity through sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. These sensory experiences send information directly to the brain and form the platform for healthy brain growth.

Besides a curriculum based on national learning standards, and age appropriate learning environments, we also take a balanced approach towards technology in order to give children the exposure they need to develop.

If you’re interested in finding out how we use the Brain Waves Curriculumto maximize a child’s brain capacity, give Kids ’R’ Kids a calltoday!

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