Five ways to engage your kindergartener during the winter months

November 17 2014

How can you ensure that your kindergartener stays engaged when not in child care during the cold winter months? When it is cold outside and getting dark earlier in the day, children may spend less time outdoors. Parents can keep their children engaged and learning while indoors. Here are some ideas Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies can offer.

1.    Change some of your household routines. When cold winter days keep your family inside,  a break in routine can be fun.  Provide some fun activities for your child, such as fingerpainting, drawing or doing puzzles.  Or have a different dining routine by having your child help make dinner and eating it while watching a movie. Another idea is to help your child put on a play or a singing contest.

2.    Create human art projects. Get water-soluble paints, put on old clothes and let your children paint themselves. This is a fun activity to do right before bath time.

3.    Build a pillow fort, which will engage your child’s imagination.  The fort can used as a headquarters for an imaginary play or you can participate with your child by reading some stories together inside the fort.

4.    Create some fun concoctions in the kitchen using food coloring. Even children who show no interest in cooking enjoy playing with bright food colors and combining them to create new colors.

5.    Have your child learn to play a musical instrument. When spending more time indoors, a good way for children to spend time is to learn to play an instrument. 

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