Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies is the first national early childhood education franchise to be granted AdvancED Accreditation commission, the national commission that confers the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA/CASI, SACS/CASI and NWAC) accreditation seal. Our corporate office holds AdvancED accreditation and some of our Learning Academies choose to be accredited through AdvancED, NAEYC or other local accreditations.,


What does Accreditation mean to parents?

Through accreditation, Kids 'R' Kids International has made a commitment to achieve the highest possible standards in infant child care, preschool and elementary education. This accreditation ensures that we are meeting and exceeding the high accreditation standards unlike many local daycare or childcare providers.

The Quality comes through to your child!

Through the accreditation process, all aspects of Kids 'R' Kids International were studied. This included the Quality Assurance Department, whose members visit each of our Academies and review all of our child care services to ensure that the health and safety aspects of our programs and facilities are top-notch. Also included in the accreditation study was the Corporate Education Department, whose members visit each Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy to review the curriculum delivery model used in classrooms. The support of the Corporate Office helps to ensure each child in Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies receives the love, care, and education he or she deserves!






The Kids 'R' Kids First Class Curriculum™

Members of the Kids 'R' Kids International Education Department write the exclusive curriculum used in our Learning Academies, and it was one of the facets reviewed through the accreditation process. The Education Department brings their expertise and years of experience in the early childhood education field together to develop the Kids 'R' Kids Curriculum. Our Curriculum is standards-based with activities that are developmentally appropriate and encourage children to achieve in all areas, such as language/literacy, cognitive, physical, and also social-emotional. This exclusive curriculum is specifically designed for each stage of development from infants through the elementary years.




The Kids 'R' Kids Experience

When you look at many day care centers or childcare facilities, it becomes easy to see the difference in our approaches, curricula and dedication. With an emphasis on high quality and continuous improvement, All the Academies under the umbrella of Kids 'R' Kids International positively impact the lives of thousands of children and their families throughout the country. Kids 'R' Kids - why go anywhere else?

Learn more about the Kids ‘R’ Kids Experience with a Video Tour or by connecting with a local school near you.


Kids 'R' Kids...The First Step to Higher EducationTM

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