How your child’s brain grows and how she can benefit from the Brain Waves™ Curriculum

December 22 2014

Our unique Brain Waves™ Curriculum is specifically designed to support learning during a child’s early years. Did you know the first five years of a child’s life is a crucial time? These five years are important because the brain is developing and brain cells are forming connections for learning, which induces future success. During these early years, the experiences and interactions a child has will determine which brain cells are activated and which ones are not. 

How will theBrain Waves™ Curriculum benefit your child?

●     Our classrooms are filled with stimulating materials which encourage children to learn with all of their five senses. The senses send information directly to the brain to help activate the cells and form the platform for healthy brain growth.

●     There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all curriculum that suits each child’s unique needs, so our teachers cater to different interests and learning styles. Your child will be exposed to many forms of language, including sign language, and will be immersed in an environment rich in literacy.

●     We encourage children to engage in problem-solving activities. Problem-solving is considered one of the best ways to support brain development and our teachers conduct activities to help children explore cause and effect and employ questioning strategies that promote higher level thinking.

We believe learning environments must be nurturing and full of age-appropriate learning experiences that ignite each child’s curiosity.

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