Childhood walking development: Your toddler's first steps.

March 30 2015


When is my child going to walk?

Every parent is anxious for that first major milestone: a child's first steps.  Is my child walking on time for his or her age?  Since every child is different, your child will learn to walk at his or her own pace, but knowing what to expect can help reduce your anxiety and prepare you for that magical moment when your child takes those first steps.





Between the first and fifth month of life, your infant will be developing the muscles needed for walking. Be sure that you give your infant lots of tummy time so that the neck and back muscles will develop. During this time, your baby will likely begin crawling, though not all infants crawl. Other signs that your infant is beginning the process of walking are rolling and scooting. If you are a working parent, your daycare or early development-learning academy should also provide plenty of tummy time to ensure that your infant develops properly.

Six to ten months

At around six months of age, you will notice your infant sitting up without your support. This lets you know that your child is developing the core muscles needed for balance and free movement. Your baby will have a walking reflex if you hold him or her just above the ground in the walking position. You can encourage walking by holding your infant in front of you while you help him or her move.

Eleven to fourteen months

Your infant will start to walk for short periods while holding onto you or to furniture and, at the age of about one year, your child will take the first steps alone. You will notice that your child will not need to hold onto your hands any longer and that he or she will start to walk independently for short periods. Your toddler may still need to hold onto you or to furniture until he or she has more confidence, but encourage your child to walk unsupported.



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