Early childhood development milestones that the Brain Waves™ Curriculum support

March 24 2014

There is absolutely no doubt that you want the best for your child, especially when it comes to healthy development and education. Many parents look for schools and day care facilities that have something different to offer children where learning is fun and exciting, and we believe that the Brain Waves™ Curriculum offers just that.

When it comes to early childhood development it is important to select programs and activities that your child will enjoy.

What does the Brain Waves™ Curriculum offer?

During the first five years of your child’s life, he or she is developing quickly, learning life skills and absorbing an abundance of information. The Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies exclusive Brain Waves Curriculum offers children the opportunity to learn in a way, which will support their ongoing development. Children need a comfortable and friendly environment while learning, and our curriculum, along with our professional teachers, assures the children are emotionally safe before the learning begins.

Our curriculum encourages classrooms to be filled with stimulating accessories and items, which make learning more interesting and fun. The strategy behind this type of learning program is to get kids thinking and asking questions. The more they wonder about things, the better their learning experience will be, and therefore the “AHA” moment that occurs will bring excitement to their esteem.  An inquiring mind is a major focus of our Brain Waves™ Curriculum.

Our program incorporates ABCmouse.com, which is a digital system that teaches children motor skills, mathematics, science and more. The program provides a hands-on approach that will guide your child’s thinking and curiosity.

Unlike other learning programs, Brain Waves™ encourages children to think for themselves and have the confidence to be involved in various activities. Early childhood development is strongly promoted with this curriculum.

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