Is My Childcare Center Making My Child Sick?

February 17 2014

There is nothing worse for a parent than when their child gets sick.  All kids will get sick at some stage and parents need to be prepared for the high fevers and sleepless nights, and to give the tiny bodies extra love and care during such times.  Due to the fact that a child’s immune systems is still developing immunity against viruses and bacteria, they are much more prone to illness.  With so many causes, it is sometimes difficult for doctors to pinpoint the reason why kids get sick, especially if they have chronic treatment for the same illness with no apparent cause.  At some stage, every parent should ask the question: Is my childcare center making my child sick? 

Illnesses can easily spread from one child to another.  If there are many kids who are sick simultaneously with the same symptoms, it could be a good sign that infection occurred at the childcare center.  If it is only your child who is ill, then it is less likely due to the center, although parents should always investigate.  You need to note the type of infection, when the infection started and how frequently it occurs.  For example, if the symptoms are gastro-intestinal and occur regularly, chances are the overall hygiene at the center should be addressed with the director, since this could be the source of the illness. It might also be necessary to involve the authorities if centers are reluctant to investigate incidents.  You can contact your local health department association that reviews health and safety for child care centers in your area.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, our state of the art facilities adhere to our strict cleanliness standards and our staff is trained in infection control.  Contact us today if you would like to find out more about the many measures we have in place to maintain impeccable hygiene control in our facilities that were designed with disease prevention in mind.

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