How Brain Waves kindergarten curriculum boosts your child’s brain development

November 13 2013

Recent advancements in brain research have proven that children are born with billions of neurons. The Brain Waves curriculum focuses on strengthening and wiring these neurons to provide your child with the best early education experience available. The way that these neurons are strengthened will depend heavily on your child’s early interactions and experiences.

A rich learning experience will facilitate exploration through hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. These rich sensory experiences will send messages directly to the brain, forming a platform for healthy brain development and future learning.

The Brain Waves curriculum has been designed to include sensory activities such as the exploration of many different textures and listening to different instruments. These types of activities strengthen connections in the brain. All of these interactive learning experiences have been designed to stimulate your child’s brain and aid them in future learning and academic success.

Cognitive brain development and challenging learning material

Studies have shown a direct link between cognitive brain development and challenging, but fun and interesting learning material. Building brain pathways and connections for problem solving, math, reasoning and science are critically important in the very early stages of life. These pathways are sensitive to environmental stimuli and interaction so a lack of positive stimuli can hinder this development.

Our curriculum incorporates various challenging and fun activities that will help to stimulate your child’s cognitive development. The connections which are formed during this phase of your child’s early education and development lays the foundation for future abstract thought in later years.

These are only a few of the ways in which the Brain Waves kindergarten curriculum can help boost your child’s brain and cognitive development and lay the foundation for future success. Contact us today to find out more about the program for your child.

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