Childhood Development: Balance Social Skills and Academic Potential with the Brain Waves™ Curriculum

February 24 2014

A lot of emphasis has been placed on early childcare in recent years, as more studies reveal that a child's brain development occurs at an optimal rate during the first five years.  The revolutionary new Brain Waves™ Curriculum, exclusive to Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, was designed especially for childhood development and helps balance social skills and academic potential through its various age appropriate activities.  These activities target different areas of the brain to stimulate the fostering and strengthening of neural pathways, which is needed for proper language, social-emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Social skills are developed through regular exposure to healthy personal interactions between kids as well as between kids and adults.  The Brain Waves™ Curriculum was designed with this in mind and makes allowance for the brain connections to form through the right balance between social interactions and academic potential.  The results are accelerated through learning by growing the brain and the body at the same time.

Children learn best through playful activities, and this curriculum encompasses a wide variety of stimulating activities.  As technology evolves, methods of teaching evolve as well, which is why this program also includes a modern approach to teaching by incorporating  All in all, Brain Waves™ offers everything a child needs to grow and reach their full potential in the critical educational window of opportunity.  

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we are excited to introduce children and parents to a new way of learning through the Brain Waves™Curriculum and for them to see the results first hand.  Contact us or stop by any of our Learning Academies nationwide to find out more about the program or to enroll your child today!  

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