At what age should your child start kindergarten?

April 25 2014

School districts across the country vary in their age requirements for children entering kindergarten. Most school districts advise that children start kindergarten in the first autumn after turning age five, however, keep in mind that age alone is not the only consideration.

All children do not develop at the same time.The youngest child in the class is seldom as emotionally or socially mature as the other children. If your child turns five in late summer or spring, it might be more difficult for him or her to adjust to kindergarten than a child who will turn six in late winter.

Get Advice from Professionals

If you are unsure if your child is ready for kindergarten, visit your nearest Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy and speak with our qualified education professionals to advise you in making the right decision.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies our kindergarten program will provide your child with an advanced educational foundation for a higher level of success. Many of our locations provide four-year old pre-kindergarten and full-day kindergarten programs. Our team is proud of our fun and challenging Kids ‘R’ specialized curriculum. Our kindergarten children work with original content modules that are designed to be both appealing and educational.

All of our students enjoy individual attention from dedicated professionals who will ensure success in reading, writing, math, art, music, and drama. To learn more about our kindergarten programs or how we can offer your child a strong beginning to his or her educational career, contact Kids ‘R’ Kids today.

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