A Child's Imagination Turns Into a Business Success

Madison Nicole owns her own business called Fish Flops.  It all started with her imagination and some crayons and some guidance with her dad, and she has taken her ideas and turned them into a retail business for beach wear and now children books.  Madison is also a Kids 'R' Kids graduate.  We understand that children need time to imagine and think on their own and this is best accomplished through play.  A child's brain is made up of a hundred billion neurons interconnected by trillions of synapses to create a thought, and this triggers language skills, socia & emotionall skills, cognitive skills and of course physical skills - all the domains a child needs to set a solid educational foundation for a successful future.  Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies is very proud of Madison and her charisma for stepping out and taking a chance to begin her business when she was only 10 years old. Follow her success on her FaceBook