Ideas and Activities to make Father's Day special!

June 14 2017

Celebrating a parent is always great way to bond with your child and family. This Father’s Day, make it special by participating in an engaging activity with your dad or father figure in your life. This holiday isn’t limited to fathers – grandfathers, uncles, and older brothers often offer the same support system as fathers!

Oftentimes, with the hectic and busy schedules we have, it’s hard to get quality time in for dad and children. This Father’s Day why not take some time and have your kid(s) spend quality time with the father figure in their life by doing activities you can all enjoy together.

The first step is to find an activity centered around dad’s interest. Is he sporty? Does he like nature? Is he a thrill seeker? There are plenty of things to do that fit into almost any father’s interest.·

  • For a nature-loving father figure, finding a nearby park, trail, or nature reserve is a fun and engaging activity for kids and father alike. Take dad outdoors and explore the natural surroundings of these areas and create fun activities like searching for bugs, collecting leaves and other cool outdoor things, riding bikes or walking through trails and overall adventuring and exploring.
  • For the sports-loving father figure, another great activity for kids is to explore exercise and sportsmanship through various sports. Dad and kids can attend a sporting event together, or even by playing dad’s favorite sport with him for a day of special bonding.
  • For the father figure who is more into the arts, history or other less active interests, take him on a trip to a local museum, fair, concert, or even encourage the kids to create some cool art with dad:
    Check out this link for cool craft ideas for dad
    Or for the father that likes to cook, try making a kid-friendly and easy recipe with dad, using this website for kids to cook.

Centering the day around activities that are fun for dad and kids is the best way to spend Father’s Day. Father’s Day should be a day to celebrate the father figure in your child’s life, and nothing shows appreciation more than spending quality time doing the thing he loves most (after your kid, of course).

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